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Computer-based Training Portfolio

Online User's Guide - AMI International, Inc.
AMI is an online research site that for subscribers in the naval defense industry. We created a user's guide to instruct subscribers on the uses and features of the content of the site. The module is web-based, using HTML and JavaScript. Key points are highlighted by using a "Show Me" button. Learners mouse-over the Show Me button associated with step-by-step instructions to point out these steps on graphics of screen shots.

Pilot Training
Pilot Ground School to be deployed by CD-ROM. Includes Flash animation, narration, video, report completion, and test results. Proprietary; images shown are demonstration only.

Windows and Internet - Compware Designs
Under development for a computer store to package in as a value added feature with new computer systems. These modules are designed for beginning computer users to show them how to use the operating system, Internet Explorer, and Outlook Express for email. Includes step-by-step instructions with screen shot graphics, narration, and video.

Microsoft Excel Training - Under development by Wave of the Future
Developed to compliment our instructor-lead classes. These training modules have step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations of essential tasks in the workplace. Deployed on CD-ROM.

Safety Classes - Harrison Hospital Education and Public Relations Departments
Each year all of the hospital's staff, in excess of 1500 people, must attend a safety classes. The Safety Carnival's theme for that year was "The Harrison Hit Parade" were each subject was matched to a pop song. We put these instructor-led classes into an online version with narration and video segments. This was a great benefit for those hospital workers who could not attend the regular classes, and especially for those staff members whose primary language is not english. Deployed over a network, the classes are also available for new hires during the year.


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