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Web Development Portfolio

Nothing says more about a website development company than their portfolio and the opinion of past and present clients. Here we offer a sampling of some of our client's websites as well as a look at some of our work in progress. You may, of course, contact any of our clients listed here for a referral on the services offered by Wave of the Future.

Accumar Corporation - Poulsbo, WA
Accumar Corporation commissioned a complete site remodel in order to better present their many cable lift, track and tram systems for waterfront owners throughout the Northwest. The clean, simple lines modernized the site a great deal, while making the visitors' experience much smoother.

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AMI International - Bremerton, WA
AMI markets its World Missile Systems™ database completely separate from the main corporate page and wanted a look and feel that would appeal to those seeking information on ground or air units as well as naval. Wave of the Future designed a website and cd layout that incorporates warm oranges and yellows blended with blues and greens that would appeal to this diverse audience. The content layout is very linear and user-friendly to accommodate easy access to data. Interior pages are dynamic PHP — pulling information from the central server-side database.


AMI International - Bremerton, WA
AMI decided that the best way to address customer questions about the use and navigation of their in-depth Worldwide Naval Projections Report (WNPR) was to show them—step-by-step—how to make the most of this product. This online learning module contains detailed instructions, a brief history and tons of colorful screen-shots. This will be offered to their subscribers on CD as well.

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AMI International - Bremerton, WA
One of the largest online sources of Naval Intelligence. They were looking for a fresh look for their public site as well as a system for immediate transfer of their vast source of MS Access databases and Excel spreadsheets to their subscriber site. Wave of the Future provided custom graphics, site design, ASP scripting and Office solutions.


Anchor Audio - Los Angeles, CA
(Proposed) Anchor Audio wanted a more professional look for their site in order to showcase their exclusive line of portable PA systems to businesses, government, and resellers. The new site will allow customers to view Anchor's online instruction videos, download user manuals, and browse an online product showcase.

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AVID - Riverside, CA
The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program at Norte Vista High School is an in-school academic support program that prepares students for college eligibility and success. They were looking for a site that would allow Teachers, Students, and Parents to freely exchange information as well as a forum for raising money to insure that students have all the tools necessary to be successful.


Bremerton Urban Garden Society - Bremerton, WA
(In Progress) The Bremerton Urban Garden Society (BUGS) are dedicated to bringing sustainable organic gardening to the people of Bremerton - but they needed a bit of help with their image. Wave of the Future and Raincross Technologies have donated design and hosting to this vital group to get them going. The simple brochure website will grow into a wealth of online information for gardeners as well as a marketplace for artisans and enthusiasts.

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CleanSpace® Northwest - Silverdale, WA
Specializing in a revolutionary way to completely isolate your home from the earth, this local company was looking for a clean, fresh, brochure site to get the word out to northwest homeowners. Wave of the Future matched the corporate colors and came up with a pleasing design at a budget price.


David P. Wilson Company, Inc. - Bellevue, WA and Portland, OR
The DP Wilson company are direct factory representatives for industrial air processing and have added, over the past few years, many images of products in use throughout the northwest to their relatively simple — yet effective —brochure site. Spinning fan graphics on mouseover add a bit of fun to an otherwise serious site.

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Ed Wolfe for Judge - Bremerton, WA
The Committee to Elect Wolfe Judge asked for Wave of the Future to create a clean, colorful site that would showcase the qualifications of Mr. Wolfe as candidate for Bremerton Municiple Judge.


Gamewardens of Vietnam (Task Force 116) - San Diego, CA & Stonington, CT
The Gamewardens of Vietnam site is lively and interactive with features such as a Vietnam Photo Gallery, Poems & Stories, a Forum and custom shopping cart. Java-Scripted menus allow visitors one-click access to all content.

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Golden State Landscaping - Livermore, CA
Wave of the Future developed the look and feel for this exclusive landscape design company, and Raincross Technologies set-up a custom online interface that allowed Golden State Landscaping personnel to update the flash movies and photo gallery themselves. This allows the site to stay fresh with very little effort and no further outside involvement.


Grauer School Intranet Site - San Diego, CA
Wave of the Future was contracted by Raincross Technologies to set-up a more user-friendly interface for the staff and parents of this private school. Custom design with solid usability standards divides this large database into bite-sized pieces that visitors feel comfortable using on a daily basis.

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Harrison Hospital - Kitsap County, WA
Wave of the Future was called on to ease the workload of the HR personnel in charge of maintaining the flow of applications and resume's for hundreds of applicants per month (Harrison currently employs close to 1700 people on three campuses) by setting up a way for visitors to the Harrison Job-line to fill out an online application that is then downloaded into their custom Microsoft Access database. Our partner company, Raincross Technologies, provides the back-end programming and security.


Hale Mahina Beach Resort – Maui, HI
The owners of this beautiful beachfront condominium are looking for an elegant site that not only showcases the amenities available at the resort, but also provides a virtual (pictorial) tour of the surrounding area.

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Home Builders Association of Kitsap County - Bremerton, WA
The HBA wanted a complete remodel of their five-year-old site that would be easily navigated by visitors, have a more modern "look and feel" and offer more content to both homeowners looking for a contractor—as well as their builder/members. Wave of the Future has created a lively, intuitive site with drop-down menus that allow single-click access from any page, as well as a complete reorganization of their "Find A Builder" feature and interactive PDF forms that allow online data entry. Our partner company, Raincross Technologies, provides the back-end programming and security.


Inside SQL Server - Poulsbo, WA
Bestselling author and Microsoft VIP, Kalen Delaney, commissioned a companion site for her book—Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Internals. Kalen has thousands of visitors per month to her site seeking tips and information. She maintains contact with her readers on her site using Google Docs.

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Ironwood Builders, Inc.
Ironwood Builders wanted a simple Online Brochure that would showcase their elegant custom homes and allow potential buyers and Realtors an opportunity to know more about the people, the company, and the unique products offered.


Literacy Council of Kitsap County
The Literacy Council of Kitsap County was looking to update their site in order to make it really work for them. Our focus is on recruiting volunteers, informing participants, and encouraging donors to assist in their quest. Wave of the Future has rearranged the navigation to make it "one click" access to all features and options, added online donation through PayPal and created custom graphics for t-shirt and accessory sales through Cafe Press to assist in fundraising and community awareness.

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Low Impact Development of Kitsap County
The Low Impact Development project will join others across the country in developing community and builder awareness of low impact building and development practices in order to lesson the impact of wastewater on our nation's waterways. Wave of the Future and Raincross Technologies is working in concert to product an interactive site design that allows team members and staff to share and update documents, monitor deadlines and tasks and promote general awareness.


Martha & Mary - Poulsbo, WA
The Martha & Mary center operates three large facilities with very different goals — a long-term care center, independent senior apartments, and child care center. They were looking for a remodel of their existing site that allows visitors a smooth flow that leads to information about each of the facilities, as well as increased marketability for search engines. Wave of the Future has come up with a pleasing look and feel for the site — but more importantly, a better way of dealing with the large amount of information available to the public. Options also included an activities calendar that can be updated by members of the staff and a job list with a similar online user-interface that allows quick and easy updates. Our partner company, Raincross Technologies, provided the back-end programming and security.

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Mary Baker Eddy Institute - Fort Myers, FL
This extensive site has been in existence for many years and is currently undergoing an extensive facelift to it's 200+ pages. The entry page is fashioned after the three-column newsletter layout, offering the members of the institute to present snippets of information—or lead ins—to the many features of the complex site in an easy-to-read format. All maintenance is performed by Wave of the Future.


Microchip Express - Bremerton, WA
Microchip Express is an online tracking service for pet owners and pet professionals. Its database allows owners to keep their pet's information completely up-to-date — which in-turn enables veterinarians and humane societies to return pets to the owners in record time. Wave of the Future provided the look and feel for the new site graphics - as well as a custom logo. Our partner company, Raincross Technologies, will provide the back-end programming and security.


Military Vet Shop – Mechanicsburg, PA
Wave of the Future took a large online store with 500,000+ products and created a consistent look and feel with all of the shopping cart pages. To draw more visitors WOTF's copywriting skills were employed to create unique keyword rich pages that draw in hundreds of unique visitors/shoppers each day. Net sales were quadrupled in the first three months.


NAVINT - London, U.K., Bremerton, WA
The Naval Intelligence newsletter has been in print for decades both in the U.K. and the U.S. and after being acquired by AMI International – has made the move to an online presence. The new site will allow subscribers easy access to current and archived newsletters and information about the contributing authors and editors. Site design was kept extremely simple in keeping with the established NAVINT brand.

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Navy League – Bremerton, WA

Navy League – Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council is dedicated to educating the American people, the media, and the executive and legislative branches of government about the need for the United States, a maritime nation, to maintain a strong maritime force. This site was completely remodeled by Wave of the Future to provide a strong, modern look that easily allows members and visitors to view and/or take part in the products and services offered.


Needles Unified School District – Needles, CA
NUSD was looking for a remodel of their old site and a way to get Parents, Teachers, Students and Staff interested in using the website for information sharing. Wave of the Future gave the site a fresh, new look and added some funtionality by employing Google's Blogger, Photo Sharing, and Document Sharing features. Now anyone with a password can update the calendar, share documents amongst their group or post the latest menu!

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Olympic Consortium Work Source
Worksource assists job seekers and employers in the tri-county area with career assessment, job matching and more. Worksource wanted a clean, simple look for their new site that allowed job seekers and employers to easily find the information available online.


Parade Of Homes - Kitsap County, WA
The Home Builders Association of Kitsap County hosts the Parade of Homes every year and wanted a site that would showcase the houses and features, as well as providing and interactive map with driving directions. This site features many pop-up windows and images to give the visitors a virtual tour before they embark on the parade route.

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Peninsula Homes Corporation - Tracyton, WA
Peninsula Homes — builders of custom homes in Kitsap County — commissioned a site that would showcase the custom homes and features to give visitors an in-depth view of the options available and the craftsmanship that goes into each home. Featuring many pop-up windows and images that provide a virtual tour of each home or remodel project.


Pet-Ark - New York, L.A., Phoenix, Seattle
Featured on NBC's Today! Pet-Ark is a portal to databases maintained by pet rescue and humane societies across the US. Each of the Pet-Ark sites has been given a slightly different look to capture the feeling of the area, but the overall function is the same throughout to allow ease-of-use for visitors. Wave of the Future has also designed a custom logo that will appear on all advertisement and correspondence. Our partner company, Raincross Technologies, will provide the back-end programming and security.

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Prudential NW Real Estate - Bainbridge Island & Poulsbo, WA
Prudential Northwest Real Estate has undergone a complete remodel of their existing site, with a custom listing management system that will allow their support-staff to enter listings into a database that creates flyers and advertising copy for featured properties.


Sandy Point Beach Cottage - Ferndale, WA
An online brochure for a vacation property, offering a virtual tour, area information, availability calendar, and online reservations. All graphics and logo are custom.

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Thinky Tees – Hagerstown, MD
ThinkyTees.com is a Wave of the Future owned and operated site created solely as a portal for several t-shirt and gift sites. With 1700+ designs on over 40,000 items, this is a sizeable portfolio of our graphic designs.


Toastmasters – Bremerton, WA
(Donated) The Bremerton Toastmasters #63 have decided that after 68 years of helping members improve public speaking, communication, and leadership skills — it was time to go online! Wave of the Future has donated a simple brochure site that allows them to keep a calendar for their members and tell the world about all the organization has to offer.

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Wolfe Law Offices, PLLC - Bremerton, WA
The folks at Wolfe Law Offices were looking for a complete remodel with some serious search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Wave of the Future took a simple five page website and turned it into a keyword-rich nineteen page website, rich in information for visitors seeking legal representation and plenty of keywords for major search engines and directories.


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