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Database Solutions Portfolio

Literacy Program Tracker - Used By Multiple Organizations
This database is custom built for Literacy and adult education programs. Information on student progress and program participation is tracked as well as their match with volunteer tutors. Donor information and gift history is also tracked. The application is customized for ABE, ESL, and GED programs. It can be scaled for any size organization.

Customer Orders - Compware Computer Designs
Compware is a computer store that offers parts, custom-built computer systems, and repair. They needed a customized database application that can keep track of customer order history, part inventory, report on sales, etc. The unique feature of this database is that it separates customer invoices by purchase and repair while showing products as sold from either type of invoice. This point-of-sale system is used daily and includes tracking employee time sheets, product returns to manufacturers and more.

Harrison Hospital - Education
The Harrison Hospital Education Department conducted a study that involved changes in patient behaviors after a course of study and counseling. Those students participating in the study were given a pre-program and a post-program test. The written test needed to be graded, and then the scores charted for analysis along with demographic data and medical test results.

An Access database was created to keep track of all of the students in the program, but distinguish those that were participating in the study. For those in the study, the pre-program and post-program assessments were created on a form in the application. Students could actually take the assessment online if they wished. The database would grade the test as answers were entered into the form. Question types included true/false and multiple choice. Some questions had no correct answer, but were rather a statement of program goals. All the data from the pre and post assessments, demographics, and medical test results were exported to Excel to be analyzed and charted.

Harrison Hospital - Human Resources
The Human Resources Department of Harrison Hospital produces a weekly list of job openings for an organization with over 1700 employment positions at three different campuses. This jobs list took the form of a Word document that was kept up to date manually.

As part of a project to allow website visitors to apply for positions online, we created the Job Openings Database. This Access database allows the staff to keep track of job openings, where the jobs were advertised, when the position was filled, etc as well as quickly look up these and other items of information. The database automatically produces the weekly "Jobs List" as a Word document to be sent out to an electronic distribution list. "End of Month" reporting is now automated, reporting advertising dollars spent, number of positions open by department, etc. All of which is now charted for easy comprehension. Maybe the most important feature of all is that the application automatically exports the list of open positions to the hospital's web server for that information to be included on the website as part of the online application module.


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